Thursday, July 7, 2016

what will you be like in a million years?

Lewis talks about what we will be like in a million years today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He's right. We believe in eternal life. That means that the things in our lives that we're good at, we can look forward to being very VERY good at a million years from now. And the things that are mildly bad habits now will be absolutely atrocious by then.

Every choice we make each day propels us toward one or the other, doesn't it? We're either becoming more like Jesus or we're pulling away from Him with each choice we make. That could be depressing... or stressful... if it weren't for the fact that He is helping us. He is patiently drawing us to Himself. Remember, a bruised reed He will not break. I know I've been a bruised reed a few times in my life. Looking back, I'm amazed that He was so patient with me. So careful and gentle in leading me out of my sin and back into a happy, healthy relationship with Him.

He's still patient with me when I fail. When I fall and act stupid again. He's always there, bringing me back to Himself.

That's why it doesn't drive us crazy, thinking about all of our little decisions making us more like Him, or less like Him. Because we know that He is patiently using every little thing in our lives for our good... and all the more so if we ask Him to.

God, please redeem every little aspect of our lives... and work everything for good. Thank You for the good things in our lives that will be more amazing than we can imagine a million years from now.

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julie reedy said...

In light of the massacre in Dallas, we need to take time to draw ourselves closer and closer to God, it does matter what we are doing with our lives as humans being drawn to Him.