Wednesday, July 6, 2016

what do we live for?

Today in A Year with C.S. Lewis, he says that we were not made to live on this, referring to medicine.

And he's right. I'm reminded of the scene in Dead Poets Society when the teacher played so perfectly by Robin Williams tells his students that they might be doctors or lawyers one day...But that's what they do to earn a living. It's not what they live FOR...

What do you live for? I asked myself that today, as I walked the beach here on padre island. Why am I here? I mean sure...We're here to love God and love each other. That's a given. But what's my vocation? What am I called to do with the time I've been given, as Gandalf says?

I think God called me to write and to get married and raise a family. What am I doing about that? Well... there are things I'm doing, but am I committing my time and resources to the thing I'm called to? Is that where my focus is? Sometimes my focus ends up on the immediate and the urgent, rather than on the important and the eternal.

Where's your focus? Can you tell, looking at the last 24 hours? Let's not waste time, friends. Let's use the hours He's given us to do what's important...what's eternal.

God, help us to focus on what makes life worth living.


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