Saturday, July 16, 2016

more and more amazing

Lewis talks about the gardens within gardens we find in the ones we love, today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He is talking about his deceased wife, Joy. And he is right in saying that we find in our spouses, when we are fully in love, deeper joys and loves and tendernesses than we knew were there when we first entered the relationship.

But we find this throughout our lives, as well. God is not just creative. He is creativity itself. He has created amazing, beautiful, wonderful things not just on this planet, but throughout the universe, for us to discover and examine and marvel at.

And He has given that spark of creativity to me and you. He has put a little of His creative energy in us, and given us the great compliment of being "subcreators", as Tolkien and Lewis called it. We can participate in that creativity. We can delight in the wonders He has made, and we can make little wonders ourselves, for our friends and families to delight in.

When we disconnect from Him, we find ourselves drying up. We lose that creative energy. We lose the zeal and the wonder and the curiosity that make life so enjoyable. We find ourselves bored and tired of everything. But when we reconnect (which we can do at any moment... just say the Word and He will quickly begin that reconnecting process!) we can feel all the wonder and love of life that we once had.

Thank You, God of all creation and of creativity, for giving us so much to wonder about.

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