Sunday, July 17, 2016

fresh every morning

Today in A Year with C.S. Lewis, he tells us about not being able to make it 24 hours without Jesus's help.

And he's right. There is a very good reason that Jesus taught us to pray "give us this day our daily bread." Remember the manna from the Old Testament? You can't collect for tomorrow. Jesus gives us today what we need today - and what we need, more than anything, is Him.

But that puts it all in a negative context. It's actually very positive! What it means is that Jesus is walking this road with you. He's right here, walking beside you, every step of the way. He suffers when you do. He rejoices when you do. He is sharing your life with you, and is available 24/7 when you need to talk, when you need to share your pain, when you need inspiration.

Are you experiencing Him daily? Do you sense Him walking beside you? He truly is there. Reach out. Ask Him to draw closer to you. Ask Him to help you experience Him in a more profound way.

You can rest assured, 100%, He will answer those prayers. He will say "Yes" when you ask that. This is, you see, the best thing you can possibly ask for. It's what He wants for you more than anything else. Ask to walk closer to Jesus. He will.

God, thank You for our daily bread, which is Yourself. Help us to remain in You, so we can do anything.