Saturday, July 2, 2016


Lewis tells us about the enemy's enticement to hate difference in others today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He tells us that we're tempted to think that anyone different from us is bad. That everyone should be like us, or they're "faking it". How different it is when you look at the lives of people who are genuinely themselves.

The saints, as I've mentioned in previous blogs, are good examples. But don't we find that difference... that courage to truly be yourself... refreshing even in people who are not quite saints? Salvador Dali (pictured above) is one example of a person who is not afraid to be himself. Or maybe he IS afraid, I don't know? But has the courage to be himself anyway. In any case, he encourages me to be MYSELF... and being myself is, I've found, a great way to love other people.

Because when I'm myself, it encourages you to be yourself. And yourself is a pretty amazing person.

When we're all afraid and trying to be like each other, we become a very watered down, boring version of ourselves. But when we break out of that, and live fearlessly in our own skin, thinking our own thoughts, and doing what God called each of us specifically to do... well, that's vibrant. That's vigorous. That's refreshing.

God, please help us all be ourselves. The true selves that You created us to be.

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julie reedy said...

Is that where the mustache theme came from?