Thursday, June 16, 2016

where is He calling you?

Lewis talks of martyrdom today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He tells us that miracles and martyrs often frequent the same moments in history. And if you'd asked people 20 years ago if they expected to be martyred, they would have been extremely unlikely to say yes. Martyrdom seemed a remote thing - either far in the past, or far away in another country (mostly Africa).

But martyrdom has found its way to our homes. We hear on a regular basis of gunman who target Christians, right here in America. And of course ISIS is sending emissaries all over the world, killing anyone they disagree with.

It can be a scary thing. And of course, that's what the terrorists want. That's what our enemy, the ancient deceiver, wants. They want us to be afraid. But, and I mean this seriously and honestly, if we give in to fear, the terrorists win.

That's why it's so important for us to be filled with love. God is love, and in Him is no darkness. There is NO fear in love, for perfect love casts out fear. So let us, brave (and not so brave) modern day Christians, invite Him into our lives in greater and greater amounts... filling us to the brim. Because when we stay (daily!) filled with our God, there is no room in us for fear.

What are we called to? Some of us are called to protect our families and keep our faith alive. Some of us are called to reach out to people who are either in terrorist groups or at risk of joining them, and helping them to be saved from such hate and destruction. And, my friends, some of us are called to be martyrs. This is nothing to fear. If He calls us to it, He will give us the grace, peace, and strength we need to face it and to accept the great honor that being a martyr for Him means.

Lord Jesus, please fill us with the glorious Holy Spirit, dispelling all fear. And show us what we are each called to, giving us the grace we need to do just that.

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