Saturday, June 4, 2016

something new

Lewis tells us about a new thing today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He tells us that what Jesus did was NOT something men had been doing all along, but something utterly new in the history of the universe. And that's very true.

However, it's not the only time God did something utterly new. See, He does something totally, completely new every morning. He creates a new day. He does new work in your life. He brings new dreams and new graces to you.

God is the font of never ending, inexhaustible creativity. He creates constantly, effortlessly, because He is the creative force itself. And He is daily creating a new work in your life.

What is He creating in you? Ask Him to show it to you. Don't be afraid of it. He only creates good things, beautiful things, true things. Ask Him to reveal His new work, made just for you this morning, and then wait and watch. You'll see it.

And if you catch it just right, it will take your breath away.

God, thank You for Your ever-surprising new creations, found in our lives every day.


Bob Reedy said...

What a beautiful morning for this new day. His creativity has already started. Thank you Father.

julie reedy said...

Beautiful morning, gentle breeze, lots of sunshine, and creatures of all kinds visiting....awesome morning! Thank you Jesus