Sunday, May 15, 2016

what's in your head?

Today's blog, based on the selection from A Year with C.S. Lewis, is full of irony.

Take, for example, the quote above. The irony is pretty obvious. It's a quote. Saying that one original thought is 1000 times more meaningful than the quote itself.

What's in your head? The thing that you call thinking... what is it? Lewis tells us that much of what happens in our heads every day is just a regurgitation of the messages given to us by advertising and from our families. Do you think other things?

Many, many people see religion as brainwashing people. Making them all think and believe the same thing. And that the only true freedom in thinking is to reject institutional religion and believe whatever you want. Does that sound familiar?

But what Lewis correctly tells us today is that one of the few only ways we can ever break OUT of the regurgitational thinking that runs through our brains by means of the media every day, is to come into contact with the one true God. He breaks us free. He allows us to become who we truly are. He helps us to think original thoughts, to do original things. That's why, when women and men become truly changed by Him, they often get into trouble! The world often dislikes when we start having original thoughts. It doesn't appreciate when we really, truly think outside of the box.

Because when we do that, we're out of control.

God, please help us to truly become ourselves. To practice original thinking. And to set the world on fire by becoming really, truly out of control in a holy, world-changing way.

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