Saturday, May 14, 2016

all the same?

Lewis today uses a couple analogies to tell us how different the saints are in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He talks about salt and light, as you read. Interesting to note that those two things are exactly what we're called to BE in our communities, isn't it?

But another analogy comes to mind. You see, God made all of the saints. And God is not just creative.... He is creativity itself. If you look at the animals of the world... or the plants... or even just the insects... He delights in making many different things. Even if you looked at just the elephants of the world, no two of them are exactly alike. God is so incredibly creative, that we find the wondrous and amazing variety in everything He made.

So it's not surprise, when we come to what Genesis calls the pinnacle of God's creation, known as humankind, that His creativity and genius are found here, too. When we follow Jesus with everything we've got... when we learn the greatest commandments, to love God and love other people, and really truly take them to heart, we do not all become alike. We don't become automatons. Just as Lewis points out, and as the examples of animals illustrates, God made us all unique from one another. And that uniqueness plays out more and more definitively the more holy we become - the closer to Jesus we grow.

Heaven will be incredibly interesting.

God, thank You for helping us to become uniquely ourselves.


julie reedy said...

So very true!!!!!

Donette Glenn said...

Thank you Lord for making us different in looks and personality but the same in one area too only be satisfied with your love and the need for your heart to love us unconditional.