Monday, May 2, 2016

we are none of us the same

Lewis speaks today of a generality in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He tells us how God will often give someone the idea of what to do, and then back off and let them do it without His help or even a sense of His presence. We do see examples of this when we examine the lives of some people who serve Him. Our best example, Jesus, cried out from the cross "why have You abandoned me?" and obeyed anyway...And of course there were so many theological reasons this happened...But still it happened.

Mother Teresa is another example, who said she spent most of her life in spiritual dryness, not seeming to sense His presence as she did good in the world. And the Dark Night of the Soul was written by John of the Cross, who also experienced this dryness, but still obeyed. There are two books by a great Jesuit about When the Well Runs Dry, about this very issue.

But as you probably know He doesn't do the same thing twice. We don't all go visit a burning bush or get swallowed by a whale. He works in each of our lives a little differently, creating a new story with each of us.

What's yours?

In many of our lives, He continues to make His presence felt daily. In my life, He gives me direction in what to do, and even gives me the desire to do the things I should do. Maybe I'm just in a remedial class...But He knows what kind of student I am, and His curriculum is perfectly suited to my needs.
He paints a new picture, sculpts a new form, orchestrates a new symphony in each of our lives, never the same thing twice.

Thank You, God, for creating so many individual masterpieces.


julie reedy said...

We are becoming the masterpiece He ha planned for each of us individually.

Bob Reedy said...

In different times of my life and during "dry" spots, I sincerely thought I had failed him due to possibly not asking for His guidance enough. However, I soon recognized that what He had planned for me was not what I was doing before, it was what He had planned for me all along which was so much better.