Wednesday, April 27, 2016

some are, some aren't

Lewis helps us make sense of the idea of "dying to ourselves" in today's selection from A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He points out that some aspects of our lives before we begin to become what God made us to be are reflected in the final product. But other traits or habits in our lives are done away with. And that helps us make sense of the dichotomy between "dying to ourselves" and Christ bringing "life, and life more abundantly."

Jesus wants you to live your fullest, most complete and happy life. And there are things in your life now that, even though they seem good and helpful, are actually standing in the way between you and the life that He is calling you to. So those are the things that we need to "die to".

But He never calls us to a death without a resurrection.

God, please help us find the ways that we can come closer to You - and find the deepest joy.


Donette Glenn said...

Yeah I have to ask the Lord daily what needs to die today Lord. It helps me stay on the path He has for me. Some days I would rather not do it but I know when I don't I get myself in trouble. Dying to ourselves keeps us close enough to Jesus to hear His heartbeat.

julie reedy said...

Reason for moving