Monday, February 1, 2016

things of God

Today we read the February 1 selection from A Year with C.S. Lewis.
Lewis tells us quite rightly today that our enemy doesn't usually use outright lies to hurt us once we are adults. He uses harmful truth. Truth that isn't kind or useful, but the kind of truth that makes you less alive, less free to be who God made you.
This brings up the question of what kind of truth we should be telling each other, doesn't it? Telling my friend she is fat and ugly might be true, but it is not truth that helps her open her heart to love.Telling my friend he needs to stop sinning isn't useful...He knows that already. When you start to tell someone something (and the book of proverbs reminds us repeatedly that we don't need to do this as often as we think), it is good to ask this true? Is it kind? Is it useful?
Then Lewis goes on to point us from the cares of this world to the higher things of God. And in doing this, He does well. But I wish he had pointed us a little higher, to the One about Whom all of these things apply. The things of God are good. Church, the Bible, good Christian books, godly counsel... all are better than the things of the world. But they pale in comparison to the Object they point to. Jesus Himself, available to us every moment of every day in prayer...He is that which our heart desires.
How do you experience Him? Ask. Seek. Knock. You will find Him. Far more than the ring in Tolkien's story, He WANTS to be found. Seek Him, and you can't help but find Him. He's waiting for you.
God, thank You for being there to be found. And being so amazing when we do

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