Sunday, January 31, 2016

taste and see

Today we read the January 31 selection from A Year with C.S. Lewis. 

Lewis today further elucidates his point from yesterday. He expounds on the mistrust that most if not all of us have of God from time to time. That God is going to demand more than we can give. That, after He "takes His part", there won't be anything left for me to "live on."

The metaphor he starts with is very apt. It's like going to the ocean, but just sitting on the beach and splashing in the shallows. When God is the entire ocean, calling us to explore His depths. He wants us to swim deep, and to "taste and see that the LORD is good!" We can't drown in this water - it's the very water of life.

So I urge you to cast aside your fears and doubts. If they're stubborn (like mine) or shaped like boomerangs (like mine) and just come flying back when you throw them, then ask for His help to get rid of them. He'll help take them away. He'll teach you to trust. The cool thing about praying about this kind of thing is... you KNOW God is going to answer "YES" to your prayer. This is the VERY THING He wants for your life - for you to swim deeply into His love and joy, and experience how amazing life can be when we live with truly fearless, fierce trust in our God.

God, thank You for being deeper than the oceans. We'll never find the bottom of your depths. Help us swim deep!