Monday, February 22, 2016

arguing with God

Lewis makes a great point in today's selection from A Year with C.S. Lewis.

It can be hard, can't it? Your precious baby is killed in a car accident. You go to the doctor and they say the one word you don't ever wanna hear: cancer. You find out that the girl you've been talking to was sold into sex slavery when she was her parents. Where is God? Why doesn't He DO something???

Well, it's not an easy answer. Like Lewis says, God took a huge risk when He gave us free will. He gave us the ability to hurt each other. He gave us the ability to hurt Him. And, riskiest of all, He gave us the ability to hurt those that He cares about more than we can possibly imagine.

You hurt when you see the pain around you. But He hurts far more. Where is God when we suffer? He us right here next to us, suffering far more than we are, sharing our pain, redeeming our difficulties and our lives by that sharing.

God risked everything when He gave us the ability to choose Him, to choose to love each other. Because He knew far better than we can comprehend what suffering would result from that decision.
But He considered it worth it. Because to Him, it is all worth it, every pain, every tear, which He experiences a thousand fold for each of ours, to hear us whisper the words "I love you".

He desires for us to love Him, and to love each other. To love each other by loving Him. To love Him by loving each other.

He knew what He was getting into when He set all of this in motion. He works behind the scenes, every day, to take care of His children, unseen by our mortal eyes.

You can trust Him.

Thank You, God, for taking such an enormous risk...for me.

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julie reedy said...

Silence is when we experience Him the most