Tuesday, January 5, 2016

what if God were angry

We're reading A Year with C.S. Lewis ... you're welcome to follow along. Today we read the January 5th reading, which was about people being stuck between two things: either God isn't good, which means they do good things for nothing... or God IS good, and we're making ourselves His enemy every day.

This made me think. We kind of take God's kindness, love, and grace for granted. I mean, what if God were angry and vengeful? I know that the OT makes Him seem that way at times... but if you read carefully, even in the stories where they say He is destroying whole cities, He still warns them, gives them ample time to repent, and then relents on destroying them if they do. He shows great mercy and forgiveness, even in the angry God narratives.

But if God were NOT full of grace, mercy, and love... how lost we would be! We wouldn't have a hope. Realizing this made me so much more thankful to God for BEING so gracious, loving, and merciful. Because we need it so much.

Thank You, God, for being so full of lovingkindness. And thank You for reminding me not to take it for granted.

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julie reedy said...

His patience is more than we can imagine. Each and everyone of us must turn from our evil ways and continually ask for Gods mercy.