Thursday, January 7, 2016

the watchmaker

As we journey through A Year with C.S. Lewis, we read in the selection for January 6 that many people believe in the "Life-Force" God, which we also know as the Great Watchmaker. This is the belief that God is there, but He just kind of made everything, set it all in motion, and then went to do something else... or is just sitting back and watching. He's not involved, in other words. He doesn't care.

The God we find in the Bible... and in the church... and in our lives... is much different. The real God, which we find in those three places, almost cares TOO much. He is passionate. He is described as being jealous. And, throughout the entire Bible, repeatedly in the church, and very much in our daily lives, God can be described more than anything as being LOVE. John says God IS love. This is a far cry from the dispassionate watchmaker in the first paragraph.

We may think, with the people Lewis describes, that we prefer the watchmaker. That we WANT a God that sits back and lets us do the shady things we're tempted to do. But we really don't want that. Because that keeps us small and immature and silly. What we really do want, even before we realize we want it, is a God who is intimately involved in our daily lives... pushing us to greatness. Helping us to become the people He created us to be, to find our passions and to live them.

That's the God we want. Which is a good thing, because that's the God we've got.

Thank You, God, for not being an uncaring watchmaker.

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julie reedy said...

Being a mother of two terrific sons, I can somewhat understand. Some mothers sit on the sideline and watch or ignor their children. I don't feel that was my style. As I still enjoy spending time with our sons and being a part of their lives, God is sooooo much more loving than I can fathom. But after spending time in Texas with Jeff and then Brian's departure back to Rome there is a void that only time with them can fill. How must God feel??????? Spend time with Him, He is waiting for you.