Saturday, July 18, 2015

to grow a faith

today's readings: 1 Chron 26:12-27:34, Rom 4:13-5:5, Psalm 14:1-7, Prov 19:17

today Paul makes one thing abundantly clear: God considers our faith to be important.

Paul tells us several stories, and each one emphasizes how important it is to God that we have faith. and when we think back to the Gospels we just got done reading, Jesus clearly saw faith as being very important, as well. Jesus made it very clear that we don't have to START with much faith. the picture above is of a man holding a mustard seed. that tiny seed grows into a huge tree.

that is a mustard tree.

God wants us, therefore, to GROW our faith. well, how do you do that? by exercising it, of course. also, by nurturing it. how do you nurture your faith? one of the best ways i've found in my short life is to hear stories of things that God has done. it makes it MUCH easier for me to trust God with my little problems when i remember the times He has helped other people with much bigger problems than mine.

but another really good way to grow your faith is the same answer to most questions we have in life: pray about it. ask God to increase your faith. obviously, faith is important to Him. He wants us to have MORE faith. so do you think He will answer "yes" when we ask Him "God, please give me more faith."? of course He will. this is one of those prayers that you KNOW you will always get a "yes" answer to.

God, please increase my faith.

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julie reedy said...

Well stated and reading the Word sure does help. How can you learn something if you never study it?