Monday, May 18, 2015

life abundant

today's readings: 1 Sam 22:1-23:29, John 10:1-21, Psalm 115:1-18, Proverbs 15:18-19

Saint Augustine famously asked God to make him a saint... "but not yet". in other words, he wanted to have a little fun before he was "made perfect".  while we can certainly understand that sentiment, it's very foolish.

there is part of us that really believes, along with Augustine, that life is more fun and interesting if we do bad things. and that it's boring and stifling if we become saints... if we live for God.

but the opposite is true, as Jesus says today in the Gospel. the thief ONLY comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Jesus comes to give us life - and not just life, but abundant life!

following Jesus makes us deeply happy. not the surface happiness that passes as soon as it comes... but the kind of abiding joy that makes us delighted for years. trust Him! He wants to make you happier than you can imagine.

God, please help me choose You and your happiness over the passing phantasm that the enemy offers.


Bob Reedy said...

Yes, I have learned to trust Him. Many years ago, I asked Him to remove all things that prevent me from doing His will. In order to say this prayer, you must be prepared. I was not prepared for what was about to happen. It was very painful. I was angry and bitter after He started removing three major things in my life. I fell to my knees and gave up my life to His will. Then His plan was more abundant than I'd imagined. I continue trying to do His will in my life, and He continues blessing me. Amen

julie reedy said...

NT VERY EXCITING! I'm still in the OT 😇 Saul and David.....the depths of sin King Saul fell into over jealousy is simple astounding, and on the other side is soon to be King David 1st consulting with God before any decision and doing what God says even if the current issue has horrible consequences. But God is protecting him and guiding him and David at this point in his life is doing everything God tells him no matter what. The love between David and Jonathan is reaffirmed and Jonathan swore his alligence to but with David once he becomes King.