Tuesday, May 19, 2015

a sensible woman

today's readings: 1 Sam 24:1-25:44, John 10:22-42, Psalm 116:1-19, Proverbs 15:20-21

thanks be to God for sensible women. in today's reading, Nabal (whose name apparently suggests the word 'fool') and David get into a hot headed argument. and, right after sparing Saul's life in the cave, David marches off to kill Nabal and all of his family.

but Abigail kept her wits about her, went and met David, and ... get this... TOOK RESPONSIBILITY for what had happened. she asked David not to do anything foolish. he thanks her for her sensible and wise response, and spares Nabal's life.

Nabal gets the news that he almost got killed by David, and has a stroke and dies. then David very wisely marries Abigail.

it's a pretty amazing story, and it reminds us what happens when we keep our head, do the right thing, and work for peace instead of violence. it doesn't always work out this great in the here and now, but it always works out for the best in the long run.

God, please help me be a peacemaker.

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julie reedy said...

Well, David has the opportunity to kill Saul who by the way has been trying to kill David through this whole book. Instead he gets evidence that he could have killed Saul, steps out of the cave and gives praise and respect to the position God had placed Saul in. Saul cries and goes home. Next chapter David gets angry enough to kill Nabal due to Nabal's nasty behavior. Abigail (Nabal's wife) takes the blame and asks for mercy from David. How many times in our life can we and do we ask God for mercy. Peace is much more important than allowing satan to use us to harm others. Pride and our feeling of what is due us can and does lead us down the path of sins. Keep me humble Lord and giving to others instead of wondering what's in it for me.