Saturday, April 25, 2015

Unfriended review

i saw this movie today.

it was not bad. i liked the way it was framed... even though the viewer does spend a great deal of time staring at a computer screen, sometimes with not much happening. the acting is good, the plot has the usual horror stories twists in it. it has about as much depth as a one act play.

the things i didn't like about it... it has unexplained supernatural elements... just bad magic stuff that happens for no reason. and i don't like that there's really no one to root for. i won't give you any spoilers... but suffice it to say that you will end up not really liking anyone.

overall, it's worth a watch, but not worth paying big screen prices. rent it when you don't have anything better to watch, or catch it on TV when it shows up in a few years.

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