Monday, April 27, 2015

the temple curtain was torn

today's readings: Judges 8:18-9:21, Luke 23:44-24:12, Psalm 99:1-9, Proverbs 14:9-10

in today's reading, the curtain is torn down the middle. the theological implication here, of course, is that the death of Jesus brought us into the Holy of brought us into the presence of God.

but the practical issues here i'd never thought of until tonight. how did the religious leaders of the time explain that the temple curtain was torn down the middle? did they sew it up? seems like that would be hard to explain away...

thank you, God, for what Jesus did in reconciling us to Yourself.

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julie reedy said...

Ahead of yourself again, this is tomorrow's reading however it is tomorrow where you live. Good point made on the curtain and the lack of what happened afterwards. The only logical explanation is Christ brought us into the Holy of The OT reading I found humor in. Gideon had too many troops to attack with so God kept cutting down the number until He had three hundred warriors. But how He decided it was amusing, the fighting Warriors were those who cupped their hand to drink water not the ones who put their face in the water....ponder on that....good night.