Friday, April 10, 2015

how will they remember you?

today's readings: Deut 34:1-Joshua 2:24, Luke 13:22-14:6, Psalm 79:1-13, Prov 12;26

so we are given two examples today of what people "do" and how they will be remembered.

when some well meaning Pharisees tell Jesus to leave town because Herod wants to kill Him, He says "I've still got some work to do... I'll be casting out demons and healing people for another two days before the time comes for  me to die."

pretty amazing. He'll be making people's lives better for another two days, before He saves all of mankind. even if He hadn't defeated death and saved us from our sins, His life was one that we can look at and think "that's how a hero lives."

and then we think back to the OT reading. Rahab was a prostitute. not exactly what we would want to be remembered by. but we remember her for her faith. she is in the Bible because she believed what God was doing in the lives of the children of Israel.... even when they didn't seem to believe it much themselves.

what will you be remembered for?

God, please help me work for your Kingdom, so that when people remember me, they'll see the work that You've done in my life.

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julie reedy said...

Good narrative, the trust that is shown in the OT is amazing also. Rahab's helping out others. Many times we as Christians can't see beyond the exterior of people and judge them by their actions. Be it their lifestyle, job, appearance, or attitude. Judging is not our responsibility, as we can not see their heart and only God can judge. If it hadn't been for Rahab the spies would have been killed and the story would not have turned out in Gods plan. And then on the side of the spies they made a promise to protect her and once they were safely back the spies could have said oh well she's just a prostitute we don't have to save her, we are safe. But did you notice the requirements on both sides for this to happen? Both gave each other instructions as it how to be saved.....any deviation from the instruction would have lead to death.......hummmm