Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lucy has some 'splaining to do...

i saw Lucy tonight.  i was very underwhelmed.

the concept is very similar to the much better movie Transcendence with Johnny Depp.  that movie was very plausible in its premise.  better dialogue, better characters, better plot.  MUCH better science.  if you wanna see a good movie about someone who goes beyond our normal human abilities, see Transcendence.  or even Limitless with Brandon Cooper.

if you want to see Scarlett Johansson do some silly parlor tricks, look confused most of the time (even though she's supposed to be using MORE of her brain), and kill a bunch of people for little reason, see Lucy.

i was very disappointed.  the trailer made it look really good, and i was excited about seeing it.  but i grew more and more displeased the longer the movie went on.

let me be fair, though.  i really liked the way it was directed.  i liked the juxtaposition of scenes from the animal kingdom to Lucy's situation.  the s/f was really good when she controls things.  but little or no explanation is given how she's able to do most of the things she does.  and there's a really strange scene on an airplane where her body starts to go crazy and disintegrate, and it's never really made clear why.  then it's inexplicably over.

i would think that someone who is using more and more of their brain would make more and more sense.  but most of what Lucy says is nonsense about 1 plus 1 never equaling 2, and time being the only thing that really exists.  then there are some strange evolutionary extrapolations.  and an odd scene where Lucy meets the original Lucy (caveman) and touches her finger, Michelangelo style.

when Lucy gets to 100%... well, i won't give you any spoilers.  but it was odd and didn't really mean much to me.

anyway, i don't recommend it.  and i'm sad to say that, because i thought it was going to be good.

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