Friday, September 9, 2011


so i saw a video today that made me think... here's the video: click here

while i get what the guy is doing here, and it does have a nice effect, it made me think about how some people see travel - just a really fast sprint through tons of locations without absorbing any of the culture, atmosphere, or ambiance of the places visited.

when i go places, i like to walk. i try to get into the local neighborhoods and eat at local diners and listen to local music. it's not always easy... and sometimes it feels a little dangerous.

but to me, taking a trip to paris would be kinda empty if i just visited the louvre and the eiffel tower, ate at mcdonald's, and then got back on the plane and flew home. yes, that's hyperbole, of course. but it points at what i mean - and we do this not only when we travel overseas, but when we travel in our own home towns.

even in our own homes. it's so easy to forget the where and when that you are, which is a huge part of the who that you are.

so i'm gonna try to live more in the here and now, to experience the life i'm in, and not get so caught up in my head... or online. (not that there's anything wrong with that!) ;)

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