Wednesday, September 17, 2008

wanna see a magic trick?

the phrase that will live on in cinematic history... i knew it was coming (something about a magic trick) and it still amazed me and made me laugh out loud.

the movie as a whole, i thought, was incredibly well done. the acting was excellent by everyone... except perhaps by michael caine, whom i detest anyway.
maggie gyllenhaal was kinda weird as the leading lady, i thought. she was just a little TOO perky and a little TOO happy most of the time.
but aaron eckhart was excellent as two face. and christian bale was good, as usual, as the batman.
i thought the storyline was just a tad bit convoluted. it could have been a little more streamlined and easy to follow. i didn't want to have to think, and i had to a couple times to keep the story straight.
but the real reason that this film will go down as one of the best movies ever made, and perhaps THE best superhero movie of all time, was of course ledger's portrayal of the joker. every line, every gesture, every expression was spot-on. it was a performance worth the price of buying the dvd so that i can watch it again and again.
all in all - two big thumbs up. or should i say... two pencils?


RC said...

Dude, how can you dislike Michael Caine? Anyway, I agree with your assessment of the film, though I might add that I thought the whole "I knew you were going to do that so I did this" twists were a little too unbelievable.

jefe said...

I dunno what it is about him... he just strikes me as smarmy...

Anonymous said...

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