Tuesday, June 5, 2007


so i've recently started reading harlan coben novels. i recommend him to anyone who likes a good, fast read with lots of humor and a few twists. they even make you think a little.

i make this recommendation with the necessary caveats: there is strong language, some graphic violence, and a few sexual 'scenes' in these works. but that said, they're very well done and good quick reads.

i realized shortly after getting into my first coben experience ('promise me', his newest installment in the myron bolitar series) that i was caught on a most unusal hook - a character that i initially despised. the protagonist is named myron bolitar, and is more than not your average joe, with a few necessary abilities to spice up his experiences. he's not the hook.

the first time you meet myron's friend "Win", you're warned that most people hate him at first sight. and this was the case with me, too. Win is brash, cocky, wealthy, and well dressed. two out of four things that i've never been and probably will never be. :)

but man does he grow on you. at the end of the first book, i realized that i really wanted to read another myron bolitar book (coben has written books without this protagonist) so that i could see Win in action. and when i finished it and found that he had really not been involved at all, only an occasionaly aside, i was sorely disappointed.

so there it is... if you wanna get hooked on some interesting reads to wile your summer days away, give harlan, myron, and win a try. i hope you'll do it, but i won't make you

promise me.

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