Sunday, May 6, 2007

naked people

so i went and saw body world when it was here in dallas recently. it was interesting. i learned alot about the size, placement, and shape of many of our organs. i had no idea that the stomach was so high in the abdomen. i had no idea that the liver and spleen were so large.
the exhibit was mostly impartial, not trying to sell any one world view over another, except that there was definitely a running theme of 'see what smoking does to your lungs?' throughout the whole thing. as a nonsmoker, i found it only mildly annoying.
there is some controversy over the origin of these bodies. i can see esp where people would be concerned in one exhibit, where a pregnant woman is shown with her baby inside of her. that part of the display took extra pains to explain where the bodies came from. but i esp found it interesting that, at the end of the exhibit, there were sign up sheets for anyone interesting in donating his or her body to the exhibit upon death.

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