Sunday, May 6, 2007


hm. i think i'll start posting my reviews for various books and movies on here. so any of you who'd like can tune in to see what i thought about them, and then you are welcome to reply to each post and tell me what YOU thought.

i'll start with the highest grossing movie of all time. spiderman 3 came out this past weekend, and according to (AP) LOS ANGELES, "Spider-Man caught just about everyone in his web. The superhero's latest adventure, "Spider-Man 3," smashed box-office records with a $148 million dollar haul in its first three days."

i heard alot of things about this going in. i went to see it last night with a good friend of mine, and we both liked it. the special effects and cinematography were amazing, of course. on par with the first two. i esp loved the sandman effects. i thought that character, and the f/x involved with him, were top notch.

i also thought that the entire series has done a good job of creating dynamic and believable characters, esp the villains. very few of the characters are flat, static personas. i would say that peter's ... aunt? is one of them. but every other character seems to grow and learn and change in the course of the film, and spidey 3 is a great example of this. just the changes that harry goes through are enough to evidence this. but every character seems to have at least one moment when they get to make the 'choice' that the third film is all about.

and that's the other thing i'd like to point out. few films these days have 'moral's. i mean this, of course, in the sense of 'a moral to the story'. most film makers these days seem to be trying to 'reflect reality' with little or no social or moral commentary. which is fine, i suppose. i enjoy those films, too. traffic was such a film. munich was another. babel was an enjoyable version of the genre.

but it was refreshing, and interesting, to see a film actually have a moral. to blatantly state the meaning of the story, right there at the end, for you to take home with you. it was nice.

over all, i thought that the 3rd installment in this series was very much worth the $7 i shelled out to see it. i don't know if i'd buy it (my criteria for a 'classic'), but i would certainly see it again.



David said...

I saw Spidey 3 yesterday in L.A. and liked it overall. I thought that there were a few parts in it that were a bit chessy, i.e. when he's the cool and bad Peter Parker, which I suppose was over dramatized to show the effects of the suit. I agree with you in that it reflected morals. I thought this was most evident with the Aunt saying that Spiderman doesnt' kill and with the redemption of Harry. I'm looking forward to the new Superman and Batman movies.

jefe said...

ya, 'bad' spidey was pretty cheesy. are the new superman and batman movies supposed to be good? who's in them? i was Very not impressed with 'superman returns'...