Thursday, July 27, 2017

shining in the darkness

St Gregory the Great talks to us in A Year with the Church Fathers today about our focus.

He says that we should remember all of the amazing things God has done, not just in our own lives, but throughout history. This gives us the perspective and incentive we need to shine our light into the darkness around us.

What does shining our light look like? It can be as simple as saying "Good morning" to someone having a bad day. Paying for the coffee of the person behind you at the coffee shop. Smiling at a stranger as you pass them on the sidewalk. "Liking" someone's Facebook post (it's so easy to do, costs nothing, and can seriously brighten someone's day).

These "little loves" can bring light into darknesses that we know nothing about. We never know what another person is struggling with, even if we live in the same house with them for our entire lives. Some battles are too private to share. And when we're fighting those interior battles, a smile or a kind gesture can make an enormous difference.

Share your light today.

God, thanks for beaming Your light through our lives, in our little loves.