Sunday, July 2, 2017

86,400 seconds to save the world

Our old pal St Basil talks to us today about making the most of our opportunities in A Year with the Church Fathers. He's talking about going to mass and receiving the Eucharist, and I certainly agree with him. But his idea applies to all of us, whether we're catholic or not.

We're given 86,400 seconds every day. We have to sleep and eat and earn our living during many of those seconds. But we're left with quite a few to invest. What should we spend them on?

The TV calls us. Facebook calls us. Other, seedier parts of the internet call to some of us, as well. Music calls us and friends call us. Most of those things (all but the seedy bits) are good things. There's nothing wrong with a favorite TV show (like Fargo or Northern Exposure or The Simpsons) or finding our friends from all over the world on fb and saying hi, or listening to great music.

But we only have so many seconds in our lifetimes. And we need to make sure that God is our number one priority, putting Him and His kingdom first before everything else. This means prioritizing our time with Him during our precious few seconds each day.

The clock is ticking. How will you spend your seconds? He's waiting for you in your prayer time, your Bible study, your local church. Spend some of your seconds with Him today.

In spending our precious seconds with Him each day, we change ourselves. And in changing ourselves, we change the world entire.

God, thank You for giving us 86,400 of them. Help us spend them wisely.