Wednesday, June 7, 2017

we only give what we're given

St Cyprian talks to us today about entertainment in A Year with the Church Fathers. And he basically is teaching us GIGO - garbage in, garbage out. And of course he's right.

But that reminded me of what I learned today when I signed up to be a Eucharistic minister at my church. I was praying after I went through the training today, thanking God for the opportunity to give the body and blood of Jesus to those who come to church. And while I was excited and grateful, I also found myself thinking "Of course, it's not really a BIG thing. I'm only giving them what I was just given."

At that point, though, I realized that this is what we do with everything in our lives. Like Cyprian told us, we are given garbage sometimes, especially by our culture and entertainment. But we're also given wisdom, and love, and all kinds of blessings from other people and from God. We choose what we pass on.

So when the great mix of good and evil comes into my life each day, I decide what to pass on to others. Do I pass on the garbage? Or do I pass on the light and life? It's my decision, every day. I can choose to be a filter that takes all the junk out and gives other people healthy water... or I can take the good water for myself and give others the junk in the filter.

What will you pass on today?

God, thanks for giving us such great blessings. Please give us the wisdom to be good filters.