Monday, June 19, 2017

it seems so simple

St Gregory the Wonder-worker talks to us about how to read the Bible in A Year with the Church Fathers today.

He says that when we read the Bible, we should pray that God will help us understand it. That seems so simple, but how often do we try to figure it out ourselves, even with the help of commentaries and other books, instead of simply asking Him to help us understand it?

Don't get me wrong, commentaries and other books are great, and God can use them to help us understand the Bible. But they can also lead us away from what He is telling us. If we pray and ask Him to lead our study, He will guide us to the right sources.

I've shared previously a story that I think bears repeating in this context. One time I was praying, and I asked God "Why do I feel estranged from Jesus? I feel close to the Father, and I feel like I'm filled with Your Spirit... but I feel this distance from Jesus? Why?" And I picked up the Bible and opened it up and the very first verse I saw said, "You feel estranged from Jesus because..." and my jaw dropped open.

But that's a snapshot of what God wants to do in our time with Him everyday. He wants to have a conversation with us. And one way He does that is by speaking to US through the Bible, while we speak back to Him through prayer.

Ask. Seek. Knock. He'll open it to you.

God, thank You for our daily conversation.