Tuesday, May 23, 2017

changing the world with words

St John Chrysostom talks to us today about words in A Year with the Church Fathers.

Yesterday we talked about how words can hurt. That we need to be careful not to use our words in ways that cause harm. But there is a very powerful and positive flip side to this.

As we know from Genesis, God spoke the world into existence. We don't know exactly what that means physically, since He doesn't have a body, so we probably shouldn't take that "speaking" exactly like we speak. But in some sense, He spoke, and the universe came into existence.

We can speak and make a difference in people's lives. Just a kind word, a "thank you", or a "please" can make a person's day better. There are many stories that people have shared when they were having dark thoughts of ending their lives, but a kind word from a friend or even a stranger made them change their mind.

You have that power today. You can make someone's life better. You can give someone a reason to live. You can change the world through your words.

Choose them carefully.

God, thank You for the power of words. Please give us wisdom in using them.