Wednesday, April 12, 2017

left hand not talking to the right

Today in A Year with the Church Fathers, we hear from St Ambrose. He tells us about our left hand not knowing what the right is doing. Like apparently the person who made the sign pictured above.

But St Ambrose was talking about not boasting about when we do good. I WOULD add something to this admonition, though. Sometimes if we talk about helping the poor, it's for the purpose of sharing our excitement at getting to help someone, or to encourage our friends to do it too. I'm pretty sure God looks at our heart in these situations, and if we're bragging in order to look good, we lose our heavenly reward. But if we're sharing to encourage others to help, too, then I think our reward is multiplied.

But when in doubt, help people without talking about it. Just help quietly. And keep your reward in heaven.

God, please give us more opportunities to help Your children.

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