Saturday, April 15, 2017

faith and patience go hand in hand

Tertullian tells us some important things about faith and patience today in A Year with the Church Fathers. He says that we express our faith in patience. That when God tells us something, we usually don't get it right away. So we have to express our faith in what He has told us through patiently waiting for the fulfillment of that promise.

We see this throughout our lives, don't we? Very seldom does God tell us something and then we immediately experience it. Usually He says "Trust me", and we have to wait. That's why there are so many verses that tell us not to be afraid. And that's why we are told the value of waiting. "Whoever waits on the Lord will mount up with wings like eagles. We will run and not grow weary. We will walk and not faint."

So take heart today. If you're human, and you've been seeking His will, you are probably waiting on Him. He is not slow in keeping His promises as some understand slowness to be. He is actually being patient with US... to give us time to learn the lessons we need to learn to be ready for His promises.

So let's be patient with His patience.

God, thank You for giving us promises, and giving us time to get ready for them.

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