Sunday, March 5, 2017

the moving of the temple

Barnabas tells us today in A Year with the Church Fathers that even though the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, there is an eternal temple that God has created where we can meet with Him.

He points to the reality that is mentioned in Scripture, when we are told that God has written His commands on our hearts. God has made our bodies His temple, where He meets with us not in an external building, but inside of our hearts and minds.

Barnabas then lets us know that, just as the Holy of Holies in the Temple had to be kept pure so that God could meet with us there, so we must keep our hearts pure so that God can meet with us in our eternal temples.

And it's easy for that temple to get dirty, isn't it? Between our natural desires, the wiles of our ancient enemy, and the pressures of the world around us, we are constantly being bombarded by the possibilities of our temples being made impure.

Fortunately, we have a daily recourse. We can come back to Him every moment, asking for forgiveness, and letting Him purify us once more. There is no sin that is so bad that He can't wash it away. And you can't ask too many times. As long as we keep coming back and saying, "I'm sorry, please fix me," He will.

God, thank You for meeting us in the eternal temples of our bodies. Please help us keep them pure.

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