Tuesday, March 14, 2017

making ourselves useful

Today in A Year with the Church Fathers, we hear from Palladius of Galatia. He tells us about a man who, in his later years, made himself useful to a mountain full of monks.

The older man wasn't able to write or do the hard work of the monks due to his age. But he found a way to make himself useful, by providing medicine for sick monks.

God has given all of us talents. Some of them are very obvious. Some require a little digging to find them. If you haven't found yours, yet, then you should of course ask Him to help you find them. And then put them to use.

This is especially true if you're struggling with depression or loneliness. The best remedy to these common ailments is to find a way to give. When you give to others, your feelings of depression and loneliness lessen... and sometimes go away altogether. Our normal inclination when we feel that way is to retreat into ourselves and cut ourselves off from others. But the best thing we can do is reach out... and reaching out to give is the best way of all.

God, please help us learn what our talents are, and to reach out to bring Your kingdom to earth by doing what You've gifted us to do.

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