Monday, March 20, 2017

just pray - no doubt

Today we hear from St Hermas in our reading from A Year with the Church Fathers.

He gives us some very important advice. When we pray, we should ask for what we need without doubting. Don’t doubt, just pray, he says. Don’t think about our sins because His grace and mercy and forgiveness are far greater than we can imagine. Just trust Him, and pray. He tells us that, “None of the requests you make to the Lord without doubting will be denied.”

Now, of course, we balance this promise with the teachings in the Bible that we don’t get some of the things we ask for because we’re asking for the wrong things. If your prayers are “Please give me an expensive car and a bunch of money and a ten million dollar house,” then your prayers will probably not be given a “yes” answer. But if you’re asking for blessings on your family… if you’re asking for a closer walk with Him… if you’re asking for wisdom because you need it… then you’re going to get a yes answer.

God, thank You for Your mercy and forgiveness… and for answering our prayers.

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