Friday, March 24, 2017

for those with eyes to see

Today we hear from St. Irenaeus who tells us about living in the light, and wanting to live holy lives, in A Year with the Church Fathers.

He tells us that there is one way leading upwards “for all those who see”, and many ways leading down away from God for “those who see not.” It’s probably pretty safe to say that if you’re reading this, you are among “those who see”. Because just WANTING to follow Jesus, and therefore taking the time to read this blog, probably means you’re headed up the right path. You are one of “those who see.” But what about those who don’t? Those who don’t care… who would rather plunge into the “cares of this world” and have no time for the things of God?

We can pray for them. That God will get their attention. That their eyes will be opened. It has happened many, many times throughout history. God is patient and merciful. He waits on us. He desires all men to be saved. So let’s pray for those whose eyes are closed to His love. That they might be opened.

God, thank You for giving us open eyes. Please help us open the eyes of those who still don’t see.

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Dr. Timothy Hoffman said...

Nothing gives more Glory to God than a person fully alive. St. Irenaeus