Monday, March 20, 2017

built on stone

Today we hear again from Aphrahat in A Year with the Church Fathers.

He tells us about the foundation of our faith. We learned yesterday that God is the source of power in our lives, and not faith itself. Faith can be put in the wrong object, and then its worthless. But faith in God gives power to our lives because God Himself is powerful.

Today's lesson underscores that idea. Our lives are stable and make coherent sense because they're built on a solid foundation. Our faith rests on a stone that cannot be shaken. No matter what storms or earthquakes shake us up, our faith won't break because it's resting on a stone foundation that can't be broken.

That means we can make it through the hard times in our lives. When jobs are uncertain, and relationships fall apart. When our health is shaky and we worry about money. Our foundation is built on God, and God is a rock that we can count on.

If you're in a shaky place today, ask God to show you how firm is your foundation. He will take care of you.

God, thanks for being unshakeable.

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