Tuesday, February 21, 2017

the enemy at the door

Today in A Year with the Church Fathers, St John Chrysostom tells us about how the enemy tries to take away the power of prayer.

And he points out something that is easy to forget. When we develop good habits, like praying every day, the enemy will try to mitigate the good that comes from it. One way he does that is by throwing our sin at us, reminding us of the times we've failed.

I've noticed this when I go to church. I'm there to meet with Jesus, and right when I'm about to receive Him, I start getting lots of crazy ideas. I get annoyed at the person who cuts in front of me. I am distracted by the pretty girl in the pew in front of me. I start worrying about something from work. Anything to keep me from being truly, mentally present when I come to Him.

So what can we do about it? Well, the answer is what I usually say. We can pray about it. God is so much more powerful than our ancient foe. He can steer us safely through the gales that St John Chrysostom says the enemy blows at us, trying to extinguish our flame.

God, thank You for helping us come to You and avoid the enemy at our door.

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