Saturday, February 4, 2017

how great is His love

Today in A Year with the Church Fathers, Aphrahat (the Persian sage) teaches us that God's great love for us is what creates the beatitudes. The richness and depth of His love makes all of us blessed, especially those who suffer in this life.

Sometimes it doesn't feel that way, though, does it? Sometimes it feels like we're missing out on His love when we're suffering. We feel like our pain indicates that God isn't seeing us, or that He doesn't care that we're unhappy.

But Aphrahat lets us know that it's just the opposite. God is close to those who are hurting. Our pain is very important to Him. He comes close to us when we need Him the most, and our pain is when we really need Him.

If you're suffering today (and many of us are, right?), ask Him to show you a little indication of His love. He's really good at saying it in a language that YOU alone will understand. Like an inside joke with someone you've known for years. He'll tell you He loves you in a way that will go straight to your heart.

And hang in there. The pain we feel now is nothing compared to the joy that is coming. Just keep walking the road through this valley of tears. It will get better soon. I promise.

God, thank You for being so near to us when we need You the most.

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