Wednesday, January 4, 2017

His wonderful ubiquity

Our reading from Keating's The Daily Reader for Contemplative Living talks to us about finding God wherever we go. That might surprise some people, who never seem to "hear" God speak to them or "see" God working in their lives, though they look for it.

But when we seek Him, and ask Him to show us His presence in our lives, He will. It doesn't mean He will knock down a wall right after you pray. But I can tell you about pretty amazing times in my life when He has clearly spoken to me. One time, which I've shared in another blog, I felt a distance from the person of Jesus. I felt close to the Father and the Holy Spirit... but I felt this...estrangement... from Jesus.

So I asked "Why do I feel estranged from Jesus?" and I opened up my Bible. The VERY FIRST verse that my eyes saw said "You feel estranged from Jesus because..." If that's not God answering my prayer, then I don't know what that means.

And He will answer your prayers, too. Just be patient. He doesn't usually answer our prayers right away. Normally we pray, and then He works, and we have to pay attention to realize that He is answering us. That's why journaling is important... to see the big strokes that God uses to paint with in our lives.

Let's try not to be like little children, who ask us to do something and then storm off in a huff two seconds later because we didn't do it RIGHT THEN. Let's be patient and look for the big strokes.

God, thank You for being everywhere in our lives. Please help us to see what You're doing.