Thursday, January 12, 2017

God's two arms

Thomas Keating gives us a word that I really needed to hear today in A Daily Reader for Contemplative Living.

He tells us that, according to church fathers, the two arms of God correct us and comfort us. And I have felt both of them lately, even today. I have felt the pain that He allows in order to purify us, and I have felt the comfort that lets me know that He is here with me, and everything will be OK.

Keating goes on to say that the days we suffer with pain or when we face psychological challenges (both of which I went through today, and I know that many of you reading this did too), that those are the days when He is hugging us especially tightly. That trials, like the ones we are facing right now, are expressions of His love, not rejection.

Very timely words. I sense the comfort that our loving Father is giving us. I know that He will make all things well. We can trust Him. If you are struggling with that trust today, ask Him to help you. Sometimes the best prayer we can pray is "Help me, Lord."

God, thank You for both arms... one of which we like better, but both of which we need.

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julie reedy said...

All we need to do is ask.