Saturday, January 14, 2017

death of the false self

Today Thomas Keating tells us about dying to our false selves in A Daily Reader for Contemplative Living.

I think we've all experienced our false selves. The part of you that you don't like very much. The selfish side. The childish side. That part of you that embarrasses you when you admit what it wants.

Our true selves are the parts of us that want what is right, what is just. It's the part of us that rejoices when good triumphs. The part of us that is kind and gentle and loving to other people.

As we journey through our lives, we learn to put aside the false selves and to embrace the true self. And Jesus calls us to not only push aside our false self, but to put it to death. To die to our false self, and to be "born again" in our true self.

It happens when we learn to love Him more than anything else. When we are baptized and begin our journey with Him (at least officially... we've actually been on a journey with Him since before we were born). But in a sense, we do this every day. We die to our selfish, false selves, and are born again to our selfless, loving selves every day, in each choice we make.

God, help us to die to our false selves today and to be born again into Your love.


julie reedy said...

It is a daily process.

Bob Reedy said...

Yes, this totally makes sense and ties everything together. The "alter ego" in some of us is very strong and very difficult to ignore in order for us to grow in what we believe is the way we should be. In others, they appear to go to what they should be much easier. But in each case we must suffer through this process to "reborn" as the Bible points out so splendidly.