Friday, December 16, 2016

the flow

Lewis talks about the sort of life we should expect if we go with the flow, today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He says that if we just let life happen, we will become one of the "inner ringers". This means that we will either wish we were in the inner circle of "knowing", or we will triumphantly be inside that circle. Going with the flow, he says, is not good for us.

However, we recently discussed in this blog that living with an "open hand" to what God wants for our lives is a very good philosophy. So how do we live with an open hand while NOT "going with the flow"?

And the answer, I think, is found in where we get our direction from. If we live with our hands open to God, and ask Him to direct us, then He will guide our steps and take us where we need to go, and WANT to go, even though we may not realize we want to go there.

If we just open ourselves up to whatever life brings, and don't involve God by asking for Him to guide us, then we end up "going with the flow" and that flow may take us places we shouldn't go, and certainly don't want to.

So, involving God in the process through prayer is what makes the difference. If you haven't already, maybe consider praying that He guide your path, and take you where He wants you to go. That He might give you the desire to do the things He's calling you to do. You'll find great joy there.

Unlike the dead fish being carried downstream by "the flow."

God, thank You for blessing our open hands when we ask You to be intimately involved in our lives.