Sunday, December 25, 2016

He has come

Lewis talks about a divine invasion today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

I definitely understand where he's coming from. It's one of his favorite metaphors for Jesus's life. And living when he did, during both world wars, it makes sense for him to put it in those terms.

But those terms leave a great deal out. The joy, for one thing. Yes, there was an element of fear and death and war involved. But those things are temporary. In fact, we wouldn't even remember them if they weren't part of the bigger story.

The bigger story is glad tidings of great joy. God came. He overcame all of the pain and distance and evil and shame that had come between us and God. He transcended them.

He brings us great joy. Not just the world in general. But our lives, today. Right now, even though things might be hard and you might be missing someone you love... He is here, with you, in this moment. And He brings you great joy.

If you find yourself needing to experience that joy, reach out to Him. He is already reaching out to you.

God, thank You for coming into our world, and our lives, and bringing us good tidings of great joy.