Monday, December 19, 2016

God does the impossible

Lewis tells us about the incarnation today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

He tells us that God really truly did become one of us... a man with a certain color hair and a certain height and weight... and that brings us to the miracle that we're celebrating in a few days.

See, God did two things that are seemingly impossible. If you know Him at all, you know that He does lots of things that seem impossible. Because nothing is impossible for God.

But God did two things which we celebrate every year that don't seem like they could happen. God, the eternal being, was born. How can God, who has no beginning and no end, be born? It boggles the mind, and no less so when you hear the details of how it happened.

The other impossible thing we celebrate, of course, is that God died. I mean, we aren't celebrating His death, so much as we are His resurrection. But how could God, the eternal being, die? And yet He did.

So, if God can be born and die, even though He has always existed and always will exist... doesn't it seem like He can probably handle the problems in your life? Don't you think maybe you can cast your cares on Him? Because He cares for you.

God, thank You for the impossible things You do... which give us confidence to trust You with our little problems.

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julie reedy said...

No problem or decision in our life is too big for God, only trust Him.