Thursday, December 22, 2016

burning bright

Lewis tells us that the incarnation is rather like the sun in the sky at midday - we can't see it directly (as it would blind us) but, by it, we see everything else.

And so it is fitting when we think of the star that led the wise men to Jesus. That star still leads wise men to Him today. How, you might ask? Well... when we read the story of the nativity, the star that led the wise men to the place where Jesus lay also leads us to follow along with them. To realize that something so amazing was happening in the fullness of time that those seeking deep truth from far away places would be led to find the most important person who ever lived - waiting for them.

If we lack wisdom, we have only to ask.

And God will answer that prayer. He will give us wisdom. And in that wisdom, we will be led along with the wise men to Jesus.

In the light of Jesus, everything else in the world will make sense, will dawn on us, as we allow the wisdom He grants us to open our minds like flowers to the light of His love.

God, thank You for leading us, with the wise men, to Your light.

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julie reedy said...

O come oh come Emanuel