Wednesday, December 7, 2016

an invading God?

Lewis talks about God invading the world today in A Year with C.S. Lewis.

And I understand what he means, especially when you consider the times in which he wrote. He was living during World War II, when invasions were not just fanciful fictions, but were realities that got his friends killed.

But I think Lewis misunderstands God's relationship to creation. He gets nearer to it when he talks about the playwright walking onto the stage. But even that portrays God as a smaller, weaker figure than He is. God doesn't need to invade Earth. He is already permeating all of it. He supports it, and is constantly creating it in every moment. He can't invade because He's already here. His kingdom has come, His will is being done on Earth as it is in heaven. We pray for it to be so every hour of every day, and He responds to that prayer.

Lewis makes it sound like God has to come overthrow Satan in some kind of battle, and that almost sounds like there will be a struggle. That God has to overpower Satan. But all God has to do is decide that it's time, and Satan's plans and schemes will come to nothing. All God has to do is speak, and Satan will be cast into the Lake of Fire. God doesn't have to invade... He just has to make the choice that the end is here.

And then it will be.

I pray that we're all prepared for that moment, so we're not caught surprised. Let's get our hearts ready for that moment now, what do you say? All you have to do is ask. He'll respond to that prayer.

God, thank You for Your strength, which upholds the world in its struggle every moment.